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4 Paws On The Run DogTown Strutters
► Saturday @ 10:30, Sunday @ 3:00

This will be our 4th year performing at the Pet Lover Show and we are very excited to show off our 2018 Dog Dance moves!

Over the past 4 years we have performed holiday shows at several seniors care facilities in South Surrey and the Cloverdale Rodeo Parade in 2016. We have even taken our show on the road and performed at the Dog Day Afternoon event in Whistler. The dogs seem to like performing as much as we do and really pick up their pace when they hear cheering and applause from the crowds. The performance is followed by a meet and greet with our fabulous dancing dogs at the ringside.

4 Paws On The Run offer classes in Obedience, Rally, Agility, Canine Good Neighbour and Handling for every breed and age of dog - from puppy (beginning at 13 weeks) to adult. All Classes are designed to help handlers and their dogs become a great team through pawsitive training with food rewards. We focus on having FUN!

Come visit us at booth #302/303!

The Art of Agility with DogWorks Training
► Saturday @ 11:30 & 2:30, Sunday @ 2:00

Come to the Carnivora Amazing Dog Stage and watch dogs of amazing speed and accuracy move through courses of jumps, tunnels, weaves, and more!

DogWorks Training's Website

Interactive Agility Program - Come on stage to try agility with your dog & the DogWorks Team
► Saturday @ 12:00 & 3:00, Sunday @ 2:30

Join the DogWorks Training Team on stage to try out some Agility foundations exercises with your own dog!

DogWorks Training's Website

C-DART and St John Ambulance Animal Rescuer Journey: Learn how to keep your pet safe!
► Saturday @ 12:30

This demonstration will take you on an evacuation voyage that will show you what you can do to be prepared in the case of a disaster. This interactive, kid friendly show will teach first aid for the most common injuries and issues that your pet might experience. Some audience members will be supervised and taught right on the stage with their pet.

Meet the amazing members of the Canadian Disaster Animal Team. CDART is dedicated to animal welfare through the preparation for and the actual rescue and shelter of domestic animals in a disaster. Volunteers are mobilized when local authorities request CDART's help and when the Provincial Emergency Program's Emergency Social Services is activated. In specific communities, CDART has long-time established teams but will answer requests for help through local, provincial and federal government agencies. CDART works with Emergency Social Services at Reception Centres registering animals that need sheltering or evacuation during an emergency/disaster. CDART is not funded in any way except through donations so please consider donating to CDART so that they may continue their amazing work.

C-DART's Website

Pacific Assistance Dogs - See what your raffle dollars do!
► Saturday @ 3:30, Sunday @ 11:00

These "Dogs With Jobs" are indeed amazing! Don't miss this incredible demonstration of teamwork between these Assistance Dogs and their partners. The Pacific Assistance Dog Society (PADS) works training puppies to become assistance dogs, and places them with their partners. Find out more about these invaluable dogs and see them demonstrate their skills.

P.A.D.S Website

Nosework Dogs - You Can't Hide Anything From Them!
► Saturday @ 1:00, Sunday @ 1:30

Nosework is an activity for all pet dogs. It is an activity for every age, breed and ability as well as for handlers of any age or experience. It is a no-aversives, no-discipline, no-guilt, no-obedience fun activity that teams a dog and handler to search for odours. Students start by learning the foundation in a controlled fun environment where the dog is encouraged to find food. As odour is introduced, the teams work their dogs in four elements: interior, exterior, containers and vehicles. Donna Toews (CPDT-KA, CNWI) has been participating in NoseWork since December 2009 and proudly brought the sport to Canada in 2011. She and her dog Edge are the FIRST International Team to reach Elite1 status with NACSW. Join the fun!

Donna's Website

Canines are Clever - Rally Obedience with Sam Cassidy from Pacific Northwest Kennels
► Saturday @ 2:00, Sunday @ 11:30

Learn how you can bring more fun into your training sessions with our rally obedience show by Sam Cassidy at Pacific Northwest Kennels!

Rally Obedience is an obedience based sport that emphasizes fun and excitement for the dog, handler & spectator. It challenges the handlers and dogs to improve heeling and teamwork. Good sportsmanship is very important and is expected from everyone participating. It's a sport for dogs and their owners where the dog and handler use directional signs to go through a numbered course within an allotted time. There are two ways to compete in Canada in Rally Obedience, one through CKC (Canadian Kennel Club) and the other through CARO (Canadian Association of Rally Obedience) and any dog can compete and have fun in the sport, whether they are purebred or a mixed breed. You can compete for titles at different levels depending on experience, and you can receive ribbons for your accomplishments in the sport.

Sam Cassidy,Certified Professional Dog Trainer
Dog: Emerald Isle (Eme) - Catahoula Leopard Dog Mix CRXMCL, SOG, NW1 (with Harry Award given to her for the most outstanding rescue dog in the trial)

Sam was born and grew up in the Lower Mainland and now resides in Coquitlam, and works out in Langley at Pacific Northwest Kennels as their Training and Marketing Manager.
Sam has always had a passion for helping animals and caring for them with the same love and devotion that she has for her own dog. She started in the dog industry at a young age with house sitting and dog walking and was Certified by Good Dog Academy in 2014 as a Professional Dog Trainer and has continued on her dog training journey since then.
Sam loves to learn about all aspects of the dog world and is especially interested in the communication between dogs and the world around them and how that can help their owners in building a better bond and relationship with their beloved companion. She hopes to be able to bring more dog sports to Pacific Northwest Kennels and to bring fun into your training relationship with your dog.

Pacific Northwest Kennel's Website

Poodle Parade and Doggie Fashion Show
► Saturday @ 4:30PM

The Poodle Club presents the 2018 Poodle Parade at the Pet Lovers Show. From Toy to Standard Poodles, these fashionistas of the dog world will put their best paws forward on the Carnivora Amazing Dog Stage's cat walk.

Flying Disc Dogs from DogWorks Training
► Saturday @ 4:00, Sunday @ 3:30

Come watch a show of high-flying action from some incredible disc dogs! Awesome flips, tricks, catches, and throws are all a part of this awesome show.

DogWorks Training's Website

Bamboozled Again! Be Mystified by the Incredible DogWorks Trick Show
► Saturday @ 11:00 & 1:30, Sunday @ 12:00

The amazing trick team at DogWorks will show off some of their flashy tricks! They also train dogs for film and commercial work, don't miss these skilled pups!

DogWorks Training's Website