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Let Your Dog Try his Paw at Agility or Flyball

Are you looking for a fun activity for you and your best friend? If you ever thought you would like to try agility and/or flyball - come to the Paws On Activity area just past the lure course and sign up for a free agility or flyball introductory lesson. Lesson schedule will be up at the Matsqui Agility & Flyball Course, be sure to sign up early for your lesson time!

The Matsqui Flyball & Agility Club (MFAC) wants to introduce you to the sports they love at the Pet Lover Show this year.

If you are unfamiliar with what Agility entails, here is some information:

Dog agility is a sport in which a handler directs their dog through a series of obstacles. In competition, dogs must not receive treats or wear a leash or collar so it requires control and focus on the part of both the handler and the dog. Most agility "games" or courses require accuracy and speed to achieve the most points, while others also require improvisation and strategy. Any healthy dog over a certain age can participate in dog agility. Since dogs compete based on past experience, age, and height rather than breed, mixed breeds or "All Canadian" dogs have equal opportunity. The agility dog and handler are a team and success in the sport requires trust and team work.

And here is some more about Flyball
Flyball is a team dog sport in which 2 teams of 4 dogs race against each other relay style. The dogs run one at a time down a 51' course over 4 jumps. At the far end of the course they jump onto the front panel of a spring-loaded box with holes in the front. The BOXLOADER has put a tennis ball in the appropriate hole for the dog. As the dog hits the box the ball flies out. The dog must catch the ball and return over the jumps to his HANDLER. As he crosses the start line the next dog goes. The object of the game is to have all 4 dogs on the team complete their runs before the team in the other lane. The team is penalized of the dog misses a jump, drops the ball or if they have a "BAD PASS" where a dog crosses the start line before the previous dog finishes. Each dog on a competing team earns points and is eventually awarded titles

About Our Club
Matsqui Flyball and Agility Club has been training together and hosting demos, tournaments, and trials since the early 1990's. Our home base is in Abbotsford but we have members from all over the Fraser Valley and compete both locally and all-over Western Canada and the United States. We offer lessons in both Agility and Flyball several times a year and our club continues to grow as a result. We belong to the Agility Association of Canada or AAC and the North American Flyball Association. For more information about our club events, membership or lessons, please visit


More Information

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֍ Ongoing Throughout the Show

Is your dog showing signs of stiffness or slowing down? Are they participating in a dog sport? Or maybe recovering from an injury or surgery? Then animal massage therapy may be what you need. Animal massage therapy uses a variety of manual techniques to improve mobility and decrease the pain associated with aging, sports or injury. Our professional members provide exceptional animal massage therapy to support your companion animal through all life stages

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Paws On Activities

Bring your pet and check out our Paws On Activity Area featuring seminars by top veterinarians and industry experts. (Seminars in the people and Pet Cafe in Hall B) Let your pet try out the lure course (with proceeds to PADS) Treat your pet to a FREE massage or Reiki session. Let your pet chat with our animal communicator, Dale McCarthy. Check it out just beyond the lure course in the second hall!

Come Experience a Reiki Session with Certified Reiki Master and Dog Trainer, Sarah Janzen!

Sarah received her Dog Trainer Diploma in 2013 from Animal Behavioral College and continues to work with pet owners to improve the lives of their pets in Vancouver and surrounding areas. Sarah also has a degree in Psychology and a diploma in Addiction Counselling. Before finding her passion for working with animals, she worked with adults with disabilities.

During Dog training sessions, Sarah noticed that many of the dogs she worked with had physical and emotional issues training could not alleviate. She wanted to discover a deeper and more lasting way to help these animals heal. She received her Reiki Masters Training and has not looked back!

Sarah is constantly amazed by the effects of Reiki and how well animals respond to this healing energy. She is honored at each opportunity to use this amazing technique to heal people's four-legged best friends!

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