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DockDogs as seen on ABC, ESPN, and the Outdoor Channel.
3 Competitions combined to make one action packed family orientated show. Discover if your dog can make it as a dock dog!
BIG AIR: Think of Big Air as the Long jump for dogs. Each dog and their "Handler" are a competition team and each team competes head-to-head against the other teams to see who can jump the farthest distance.
EXTREME VERTICAL: Extreme Verticalis the equivalent to a "High Jump" for dogs. Each team is allowed to use a maximum of 20 feet of the dock surface and is allotted 60 seconds to jump in the air while attempting to remove the "Bumper" from the Extender Arm. Rounds will continue with the bumper being raised in 2 inch increments per round until the dog that jumps the highest takes home the Prize!
SPEED RETRIEVE: It's all about speed. Upon entering the water, each dog must swim to the end of a 40 foot pool and remove the DockDogs designated object from a modified Extender Arm in order to complete their timed run. The dog that removes the object the fastest wins and walks home with the prize

Competitors in Iron Dog participate in Big Air, Extreme Vertical, and Speed Retrieve at a single event. We compile the best run in all three disciplines for each team and the team with the overall best score wins. This competition challenges participants to continuously develop their skill in all three different disciplines, and rewards the boldest, best, and most daring dogs.
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