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The Wonderful World of Llamas - Meet & Greet
Saturday @ 11:30AM & 3:00PM, Sunday @ 3:00 PM

People often ask, what do you do with a pet llama? These highly social and intelligent animals love to spend time with you and, like dogs, need fun activities to keep them from getting bored.
Sarah Nicholls from Fat Chance Ranch has trained their llamas to appear in television shows and commercials, and says that you can pretty much do anything with llamas that you do with your dog. Llamas protect other animals out in the field and are extremely aware and curious so they know when something is amiss. They will even chase away coyotes and stray dogs and let an alert out to warn the other animals, so many ranchers employ their llamas as 'watch llamas'. You can take llamas for walks, clicker train them, and if you let them in your house, like the family dog, they will make themselves comfortable and look for a good scratch. Come and meet & greet these amazing animals!

Snakes, Lizards and More - Oh My!
Saturday @ 12:00PM & 2:00PM, Sunday @ 11:30AM & 2:00PM

Join Hastur McKay and Morgan Troy and learn all about these fascinating creatures. The Westcoast Society for the Protection and Conservation of Reptiles has been active in British Columbia, Canada, for over 30 years.

They gather herpetoculturists (people with a dedicated passion for the ancient hobby of keeping and studying reptiles) as well as people interested in the safeguard of the environment and the welfare of animals. Their members are mostly families and individuals who are interested in studying and protecting reptiles.


Owls & Raptors Up Close
Saturday @ 1:00PM & 3:30PM, Sunday @ 12:00PM & 2:30PM

Find out about Owls, raptors and other native birds of prey. Staff from the O.W.L. Society (Orphaned WildLife) will fill you in on these amazing birds, as well as avoidable dangers to birds and other wildlife, diet for raptors compared to diet for songbirds, owls and other raptors native to BC, the function of the O.W.L. Society, and answer your questions. Come and find out about these incredible birds!

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Be A Good Parront
Saturday @ 1:30PM, Sunday @ 1:00 PM

Are you thinking of adding a parrot to your family? Join Jan Robson from Greyhaven Exotic Bird Sanctuary as she discusses the joys, challenges and what you need to know about life with a parrot. Parrots are loud, messy, incredibly smart and somewhat like living with a 3 year old toddler!


Avian Nutrition & Captive Foraging with Dr. Elizabeth Borgmann
Saturday @ 2:30PM

Avian Nutrition: Malnutrition in birds accounts for 75-95% of the health problems veterinarians see in birds. Managing nutrition and feeding strategies will reduce your visits to the pet hospital. Let's make your bird healthy and happy. Veterinary medicine is Dr. Borgmann's second career! She started out in molecular biology (gene cloning) and was working for the National Research Council in Saskatoon when her beloved black lab escaped and was hit by a car. Devastated, Dr. Borgmann's husband took their dog to the Western College of Veterinary Medicine for treatment. Only then did he find out it was Dr. Borgmann's lifelong dream to become a veterinarian. With his encouragement & support she left her career and returned to school. Dr. Borgmann has never looked back! While in Saskatoon Dr. Borgmann worked with the Zoological Society and the Forestry Farm Park and Zoo to develop their interpretive zoo programs and was integral in convincing the city to build an onsite hospital for the care & treatment of the animals at the zoo. Dr. Borgmann's other areas of interest in veterinary medicine are pain management, diagnostic imaging and feline medicine. Dr. Borgmann is also a certified Fear Free Practitioner.

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BC Exotic Bird Society - What it takes to bring an exotic into your family.
Saturday @ 4:30PM & Sunday @ 11:00AM

Thinking of bringing an exotic bird into you're family? Be sure to stop by the Weird and Wonderful stage for this information packed talk so you can start down the path to becoming an expect on pet parrot care.

The Exciting World of Falcons
Saturday @ 4:00PM & Sunday @ 3:30PM

Peregrine Falcons were almost extinct due to DDT and they were brought back from the brink of extinction through a breed and release program developed by conservationists and falconers. They were released into the wild and the population has recovered significantly. To learn more about these beautiful birds and how we can continue to protect them, join our talk. Imagine yourself soaring, 1000 feet in the air, uninhibited by the distractions of the earth. Feeling the wind carry you. Suddenly you focus in on something; you fold your wings back and enter a dive, 100, 150, 200, 250mph as the wind streaks past your face and suddenly BOOM!! You open your wings in a triumphant blaze, prey securely in your feet. Come and join Jeremy Ferguson courtesy of Coastal Rivers Pet Hospital and take a look at the exciting world of Falconry. Learn about the fastest animal in the world and the power, and majesty that they possess. There is nothing like the experience of a falcon."

Interactive Display at Greyhaven Exotic Bird Sanctuary
Booths 135 - 137

Kids! Bring your parents and stop by the Greyhaven booth (beside the Weird & Wonderful Stage) and join their exciting, interactive display with tons of great activities for children!

Check out eggs from all different kinds of birds, try the Touch Boxes and guess what's inside, receive a stamp book and gather stamps in your passport bird book (while supplies last) - and there is even a photo booth where you can become a parrot!