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Rabbit Agility
► Saturday & Sunday @ 11:00, 12:30, 2:00 & 4:00

Come and see these amazing bunnies as they show off their agility skills! Animal agility (dog, rabbit or other) is a course of equipment in a ring that an animal will manoeuvre: over, under, around and through in a timed event. The animal that completes the course without upsetting equipment with the fastest time wins the event.

Saturday and Sunday Showtimes:
11:00am Timed Trials/High Jump
12:30pm Tiered Hopping
2:00pm Side by Side Races/Long Jump
4:00pm Tiered Hopping

Agility is fun and exciting for the animals, handlers and spectators. Rabbit Agility is much like dog agility only the equipment is made smaller for a rabbit and stable enough for the rabbit's weight while manipulating the pieces. Rabbits learn to run an agility course just as a dog might. Domestic Rabbits can be very affectionate and intelligent animals. Rabbits can be taught tasks, tricks and behaviors. People are finding what clean, intelligent and affectionate animals rabbits are. Many people are keeping rabbits as pets, some people even have house rabbits that are trained to use a litter box, so Rabbit Agility as well as other sports and activities with pet rabbits are becoming more popular. The Vancouver Rabbit Agility Club is a great place to learn about this fun activity for your rabbit. .... Come and see these amazing bunnies as they show off their agility skills!

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