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Giggle Booth sponsored by Mega Dog Raw Food

Come and check out Mega Dog Raw Food - an affordable raw food option for families with bigger dogs or multiple dog households. It is made from triple-ground meaty bones, organ meat, kelp, and a veggie mix of carrots, broccoli, zucchini, and collard greens. ... While you are there, get a free photo of you and your furry best friend at the Giggle Photo Booth in the Mega Dog booth F4, sponsored by Mega Dog!

Dog and Cat Blood Donor Clinic by Animal Emergency Clinic of the Fraser Valley
֍ Ongoing Throughout the Show!

Come to booths 209 & 210 to learn how your pets Blood Donation could saves lives! The AECFV's Pet Blood Donor clinic will be ongoing at the Pet Lover Show this year!

The Blood Services Department at the Animal Emergency Clinic of the Fraser Valley was started as a small, in house donor program in 1996. Donors were called in on an emergency basis to help patients in the hospital. Years later, we took the program over and began a campaign to expand, because hospitals would call us for help and we wouldn't be able to assist them. We didn't want to say no, so I started reaching out the community. Together, we have become a blood bank with nearly 120 animals (dogs and cats) that donate blood every 2-3 months to help animals in need. We support hospitals all over the Lower Mainland, teaching them how to give blood transfusions to help them help their patients at their own hospitals or providing Blood Medicine as part of our well-rounded Emergency team and facility. As we expand to help hospitals on Vancouver Island and in the Interior of BC, we will need more donors to meet the need for blood. Our motto is 'Pets Saving Pet's Lives' and that's what our donors do everyday. We couldn't do it without them and we are always excited to get to show off the amazing animals who make up the amazing super heroes that are our Blood Donors!

We can use both dogs and cats in our donor program. The following are criteria we look for in a donor:

- Between the ages of 1-6yrs
- Animals can be used up to the age of 9, but we do not admit dogs to the program older than 6yrs, or cats older than 3-4 yrs.
- Over 50lbs for our regular K9 program, 30-50lbs for our Half Pint K9 Program and over 8lbs for cats.
- Must have a good temperament and be in good physical condition.
- Must be fed a quality dry or canned food, (no raw diets).
- Must be vaccinated (or titred), dewormed and treated for fleas.
- Must be spayed or neutered
- Must never have had a transfusion previously.

When someone brings their pet in, they will be given a physical exam, as well as a temperament assessment by one of our Blood Services Technicians. We take a small sample of blood and run a test in house to determine what their blood type is. For dogs, we can only test in house for the antigen 1.1, and depending on the results, we then send them off to the veterinary lab for a full health screen, including a cbc, blood chemistry, urine and fecal examinations, and tests for blood borne pathogens. Once we receive the results, we will let you know and add them to our list of volunteer donors.

We make an effort to work around our donor owners schedules as much as we can. Most of our blood related appointments are held on Saturdays, but we do make some exceptions if that day is simply not possible for the owner. We are usually able to give owners at least two weeks notice, so that we can work best around their schedule. Most owners drop their dogs off, but some do bring a magazine or a book and wait. Owners are always welcome to sit in on the donation as well. A donation takes between 15-45 mins, depending on the animal. Some of our donors are given some sedation because it's difficult to ask a dog for sit still for that length of time. Cats are always sedated and so their appointments may take a little longer than dogs.

We try to make the donation and volunteer experience as fun as possible for both our donors and their owners. We want our donors to be excited to come in and see us. At the end of each donation, they are given a can of food (if their diet permits, ie; no allergies.) The owners are sent a gift card the week after each donation as well. We also provide no-cost yearly bloodwork for your pet and we waive the emergency fee should your pet ever have to come in and see us on an emergency basis. Should your pet ever need a blood transfusion over the course of their life, it will be done at no charge to you.

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Come try out our all-new Lure Course!
֍Sponsored by Apawthecary Pets

Coursing offers a great way for dogs to burn a lot of energy while having some good, safe fun. If your dog likes to chase balls, they'll most likely love lure coursing. Enthusiasts of the sport have set up many local clubs throughout North America. Come and try the course with your dog, the lure course is sponsored by Apawthecary Pets and its free to try this year. The sport of lure coursing has a long history - 4,000 year old Egyptian tombs depict coursing with long legged hounds. It was a popular sport amongst wealthy landowners that had big grounds to practice on. In the middle ages coursing was only accessible to royalty; in England commoners were not allowed to own a Greyhound for quite some time. In the 1970's sighthound fanciers developed a portable, controlled coursing event that is the basis for the lure course at the Pet Lover Show.

Basic Dog Grooming and Hygiene
֍ Ongoing Throughout the Show at Booths 272/273

Michelle Grenkow, Canadian Canine Master Stylist and Certified Master Groomer and her senior students at Animal Haven Grooming will go over products for bathing your dog and keeping his coat matt-free, from when you first get them home as a puppy throughout their adult lives. Learn how to get your dog used to brushing, bathing and nail clipping so they look forward to the routine maintenance every dog owner should provide. See how to take care of your dog's ears and how to spot an ear infection plus how to inspect your dog for fleas and ticks. Take your dog from frumpy to fabulous!

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