Discover the Mysteries of Dog Communication and Handling

Saturday @ 3:00, Sunday @ 4:00

Ever wonder what your dog is trying to tell you? How about what your body is telling your dog? Dogs are experts at reading human body language but sometimes our bodies lie! Discover the mysteries of dog communication, learn how to handle your dog using appropriate equipment and communicating using body language. Learn the secrets of dog communication and handling with our Canine Behaviour Expert and Inventor of the JWalker Dog Harness, Jessica O’Neill.
What You’ll Learn: Body Placement – Side, facing, away Big and Small – stand, crouch Body blocking claiming personal space No Monkey Arms – Stay one unit Directive Cue – Line from nose to destination Move away, move forward, drive away, pull forward Turn Towards, turn away – steering using body Fast & Slow – changing Pace
BRING YOUR DOG – get on stage and watch the magic happen

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