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Owls & Raptors Up Close

Find out about Owls, raptors and other native birds of prey at the Weird and Wonderful Stage! Staff from the O.W.L. Society (Orphaned WildLife) will fill you in on these amazing birds, as well as avoidable dangers to birds and other wildlife...

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BC Association of Animal Massage

Enjoy a FREE Pet Massage! – Ongoing Throughout the Show Is your dog showing signs of stiffness or slowing down? Are they participating in a dog sport? Or maybe recovering from an injury or surgery? Then animal massage therapy may be what...

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Lovable Llamas

Meet & Greet People often ask, what do you do with a pet llama? These highly social and intelligent animals love to spend time with you and, like dogs, need fun activities to keep them from getting bored. Sarah Smith and Mark DeJong from...

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Be A Good Pet Parront

Parrot Care Are you thinking of adding a parrot to your family? Join Jan Robson from Greyhaven Exotic Bird Sanctuary at the Weird and Wonderful Stage as she discusses the joys, challenges and what you need to know about life with a parrot...

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Meet Parrots at Their Best

The BC Exotic Bird Society will be premiering the Indonesian Parrot Project documentary during their exhibit at the Pet Lover’s Show. The film shows the history and current work of Indonesian Parrot Project, the challenges of parrot...

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Come try out our Lure Course!

Coursing offers a great way for dogs to burn a lot of energy while having some good, safe fun. If your dog likes to chase balls, they’ll most likely love lure coursing. Enthusiasts of the sport have set up many local clubs throughout North...

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Meet Supermodel Dog Iggy Joey

All the way from runways in Toronto and New York, modelling in the streets of Israel and appearing on television shows like Dragons Den and Marilyn Dennis. She has had a huge career for such a small dog with her own emoji app Iggymoji, Mercedes...

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Is there a certain breed you’ve always wanted to find out about? Come to our Meet The Breed area where you’ll meet breeders and breed clubs ready to tell you all about the advantages of sharing your life with that one special breed...

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