Animal Massage Therapy

What to Expect with Jolena Kusec noon Sat & Sun

Is your dog is showing signs of stiffness or slowing down? Are they participating in a dog sport? Or maybe recovering from an injury or surgery? Then animal massage therapy may be what you need. Animal massage therapy uses a variety of manual techniques to improve mobility and decrease the pain associated with aging, sports, or injury. Our professional members provide exceptional animal massage therapy to support your companion animal through all life stages.

As an integral part of your dog’s wellness team, our members work closely with Veterinarians as advocates for you and your dog to help provide the best possible programs to assist you in ensuring that your dogs continue to enjoy their lives, activities, sports and family life to the fullest. Come to this seminar to learn what to expect at your initial massage session and learn more about the benefits for your beloved pet.


Not Just for Bad Dogs! Sat @ 1:00, Sun @ 2:00

Come learn about the different needs for muzzles for all dogs. The different types, which style is best suited for what sitation and how you can train your dog to accept one without being over stressed. Take the first step to making muzzles a thing of positive safety, not fear.

No Bad Cats!

With Nancy Howard – Sat @ 2:30 & 4:00, Sun @ 1:00 & 3:30

Ever wonder why your cat: * Sheds so much

  • Wakes you up at 3 am
  • Lashes out for no reason?
  • Sleeps all day
  • Urinates outside the litter box?
  • Cleans itself so fastidiously?
  • Claws your furniture
  • Rejects new food
  • Throws up
  • Makes you sneeze

There are logical reasons for all these things. In this class you will also learn * The four most important things to know about your cat * The three organs/systems that keep your cat the healthiest possible * The three best supplements to give your cat * The four pet food ingredients to avoid at all cost! And so much more..

Our presenter is Nancy Howard, the owner of the Whole Cat and Kaboodle and Cafe Cocoa – 2 cat resource stores in the greater Seattle area. The mission of the business is to help cat owners see the world from their pet’s perspective. “We offer grooming, boarding, nutrition, behaviour modifications as well as adopting our cats from local rescues and area shelters”. Nancy has also run a feral cat sanctuary since 2000. This space is home to over 100 feral, and otherwise un-adoptable cats.

Hiking with Fido by Laurie McPhee ( Sun @ 1:30 )

Hiking with your dog is a fantastic way to enjoy our beautiful province but just like hiking alone you need to do some prep work. Join K9ABCs with a sit down sharing of knowledge on how to prepare and follow through with great outdoor time with your dogs including the knowledge and equipment you should have before venturing off.

CPR: Overview of CPR Techniques for Animals by Laurie McPhee

Sat and Sun @ 3:00

Join Laurie McPhee of K9ABCs to learn about Canine CPR. Laurie is a certified Dogsafe Canine First Aid Instructor, she’s also a Primary Care Paramedic with the BC Emergency Health Services with 20 years experience. This brief “hands on” demo and practice will hopefully entice you to learn more about animal First Aid and how to prevent ever needing the skills of CPR. This skill is applicable to many species. So, stretch it out and learn (or practice how to do CPR. All ages welcome. Note, practice will never be done on a live dog, you will get hands on practice with CasPeR mannikins

What to Look for in a Dog Trainer with BC SPCA AnimalKind’s Nicole Fenwick

Sat 1:30 & 3:30; Sun 12:30 & 2:30

You want what is best for your dog. But when it comes to dog training, the choices are overwhelming. What makes it even more complicated is that in BC, dog training is an unregulated industry, which means anyone can call themselves a trainer regardless of their education or experience.

How do you choose a dog trainer?

In this seminar, you will learn how to find the best dog trainer for you and your dog. Join us for an open talk with BC SPCA’s AnimalKind Manager Nicole Fenwick, M.Sc. and learn what to look for in a dog trainer. You and your dog deserve it!

Canine First Aid:

Don’t Learn it by Accident by Laurie McPhee Sat 12:30 & 2:00

Join Laurie McPhee of K9ABCs, Authorized DOGSAFE Instructor, to explore a variety of ways to keep your canine friend safe and happy. An interactive presentation using a combination of power point, live demonstrations with demo dog Quincy and you the audience, Laurie will cover many different angles of safety. Angles such as Puppy Proofing, Training, Play, First Aid, Environment & Travel.

Laurie and Quincy love the outdoors and exploring new adventures, but this takes a lot of training and preparation. Laurie’s experience with search & rescue and 19 yrs as a paramedic broaden her view on the many things one can do to help prevent injury or illness with your pet. Although the main focus is on dogs most of this information is applicable with a variety of pets.

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